American Songwriter, Singer, Pianist Legend...

Born in Bronx (NYC), New York
October 18, 1947-
April 8, 1997
[50 min. audio highlights]


Laura Nyro Quote:
"I don't think that you start off planning to write  a personal song. I was never even conscience  of it, you know... that I was sitting down and  writing a personal song. It's like a 'labor'. It's  a very special 'labor', and it's always worth it  at the end. So it's a good, good feeling.  It's a  good 'labor'. So then, sometimes like..,  I'd  just be feeling, going through some things  emotional, and unable to know what it is. Like I  just don't know what it is. And one night, I just  sit down, and there's a 'Song' there... that's  coming from inside me..."
Laura Nyro


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Laura Nyro Audio Highlights Playlist
1. Stoned Soul Picnic (Live)
2. A Woman Of the World
3. It's Gonna Take A Miracle
   (with Labelle)
4. Wedding Bells
5. Broken Rainbow
6. Walk On By (Live)
7. 7. Eli's Comin'
8. Up On The Roof
9. Sweet Blindness
10. Stoney End
11. Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp
12. To A Child (Live)
13. He's A Runner (Live)
14. And When I Die


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1. Stoned Soul Picnic (Album Version)
2. A Woman Of The World (Album Version)
3. It's Gonna Take A Miracle (w/ Labelle) (Album Version)
4. Wedding Bell Blues
5. Broken Rainbow (Album Version)
6. Walk On By
7. Eli's Comin' (Album Version)
8. Up on the Roof
9. Sweet Blindness (Album Version)
10. Stoney End
11. Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp (Album Version)
12. To A Child (Album Version)
13. He's a Runner
14. And When I Die (Album Version)