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OceanlinerNotes Artist Interviews
We'd like to Welcome the multi-talented
and world renowned
Percussionist Producer Composer
Educator Clinician Artist...
...Bashiri Johnson...
to the OL Oceanliner Notes Weekly
feature as our Special Guest Artist!
The famed Percussionist Bashiri
(the Bashman),
is like no other... in that virtually in
every musical corner of the world,
his magical rhythms,
grooves & touring on the
Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson
The Immortal World Tour...
are just the beginning
of spending our week here at OL,
with Mr. Bashiri Johnson!
His tribal and the essence of his creative
and percussive feel, can be heard on
many recordings... from Beyonce,
to Whitney Houston, Donald Fagen,
Madonna, Steve Winwood
Rolling Stones, Celine Dion
Gloria Estefan, Barbara Streisand
Miles Davis, Mary J. Blige, Ray Charles,
Jay Z, Eric Clapton, Sade, Kenny G,
Lionel Richie, Aretha Franklin, Sting,
Queen, Gypsy Kings, Peter Paul & Mary,
Bob Dylan, James Taylor,
Herbie Hancock, Luther Vandross
& so much more...
It's really impressive, folks!
Welcome Bashiri,
and thank you for giving us and all
of the OL Site Visitors, for what will be a
7-part Interview on the
Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series,
for the entire week of August 10, 2014.
Nice that You can join us in between your
touring! Thank you and welcome...
Bashiri Johnson:
It's my pleasure to be with you guys.
Thank you for the opportunity.
Bashiri, you're a Brooklyn Native...
Tell us about how growing up in
, and how music first
started for You?
Bashiri Johnson:
Well I grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn in the 60's and 70's. Bed-Stuy was a unique neighborhood and a very wonderful place in America. I experienced amazing historic events, and witnessed growth, evolution and change first hand, not only in the Black Community, but in the world.  So music first started for me as a multi sensory immersion in Black Culture and World events. I believe it was that immersion which fueled my deep interest in music, rhythm, self expression, and my instrument: percussion.

We understand that before all of the
wonderful percussion instruments were
introduced to You, that
beating your own rhythms, came natural
on anything that You got your hands on
to create a beat?

Bashiri Johnson:
Yes, my Mom said that she was called to my Elementary School because of my disrupting class due to my incessant playing and banging on the school chairs and desks.  My Mom went to meet with the teacher and asked if I had finished my schoolwork. The teacher replied yes, I had. My Mom told the teacher that she should probably give me more schoolwork to do.  Well, eventually the banging stopped, and I found percussion instruments and the drum to be a better outlet for my groove making.

While attending High School in
, who, or what was the most
influential moment that spoke volumes to
You, in wanting to become a
Professional Musician?

Bashiri Johnson:
My High School experience was wonderfully liberating for me.  I went to a new school, only 2 years old, which had a completely new curriculum and program.  John Dewey High School offered its students many freedoms and options for graduation.  It was there in High School that I began to explore not only music, but sports, girls, and activism.  But I would say that the desire to play in the band with the guys I was hanging with, was what initially drove me to start playing the drum.  After I started playing the drum, it became my passion.

Bashiri, your Music Career, spans and
crosses over to many genres of music and
Artists... who are some of the Artists that
influenced You?
Bashiri Johnson:
Oh boy, I was influenced by so many artists, and so many people.  Ali, Miles, Sly, Malcolm, James Brown, Sun Ra, Motown, Bill Cosby, Quincy Jones, Hendrix, Cream, Bootsy, Airto, Tony Williams, Big Black, Angela Davis, and many many others.
On your "Whatcha Livin For"
video for viewing on YouTube,
You very carefully and thoughtfully
demonstrate some of the percussion
instruments that You like to use, when
recording to a track. Can You share with
our OL Readers, some of the individual
characteristics of some of the percussion
instruments that You often use,
when performing?
Bashiri Johnson:
I don't necessarily have a 'default' set of instruments that are going to work for every project.  But I do have a percussive approach to each project.  I do my best to imprint the track with something that feels and sounds like it was always there, not added or contrived.  I try to channel the sounds and rhythms that work in a track that makes you feel like if it wasn't there, something is missing.  That's what I work hard at to achieve, being an integral and essential part of the music.
What was the first Production that You
performed 'live' with your percussion
instruments set?
Bashiri Johnson:
One of my first gigs that I can remember where I had a full-ish perc set up, was with a band I was in called Solar Caravan in the early 80's.  The band was headed by brothers David and Trevor Gale.  One of the first professional perc set up gigs I did was at the original Live-Aid concert in Philly with Mick Jagger and
Tina Turner
back in July 1985.

What was the first recording that You put
your special percussion tracks on?

Bashiri Johnson:
One of my first professional percussion overdubs was on the Album 'Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin' by Stephanie Mills.  But probably one of the first records to get a Bashiri Johnson sound was 'Candy Girl' by New Edition in 1983.

Tell us about some of the Masters that
you've studied your craft with?
Bashiri Johnson:
I had the good fortune to have spent about 3 years being mentored by MtumeMtume is the father of my musical career, and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.  He not only schooled me in percussion, but allowed me to be privy to the inner working of the creative process, the music business, and how to be a professional musician and conscious citizen.  Prior to Mtume I did some study with Olatunji, Ladji Camara, Jazz Mobile, Richard Landrum, and
Sam Ulano
who taught me how to
read music.  My style of playing is from Mtume, and his influencer, Big Black.
Bashiri, respectively, you're also known
as the Bashman. This is also the name of
your Production Company, where You not
only perform, but write and Produce in
various projects and media, also?
Bashiri Johnson:
Yes, yes.  I have been writing songs and composing music for many years now.  I still consider myself a student, for I feel I have so very far to go and so much more to learn.  But I have been producing projects for myself as well as many other artists, and love doing so.  Music is one very effective form of expression.  But I try to take a rhythmic approach to all the creative ventures I'm involved with, and I find that opens me up to even deeper expression.

Tell us about your your Recording Studio
in Brooklyn... 'The Lab' & what... to date,
would be one of your favorite projects to
have been Produced there?

Bashiri Johnson:
I have a recording studio housed in my apartment where I have most of my percussion instruments, and a full blown state of the art recording facility.  I'm able to do music for anything from TV Commercials, Film, Records, etc.  It's quite a blessing to have a space to create in.  I think one of my favorite projects that I recorded in my studio was my Musical Alphabet CD, which is on ITunes. That record I'm very proud of.
When you're working on other Artists'
projects at other Studios, what would you
say are some of the advantages of
working from your own Studio,
in comparison?
Bashiri Johnson:
I think the advantage of working on a project from my studio, is that I'm in my world.  I'm in waters that I'm quite familiar with, and I have a process that has been tested and proven.  However, I'm always very happy and excited about working in other studios, for that is exactly where I got all my experience as a session player, in the NYC Recording Studios.  I really prefer to be global, and not just confined to one location, session-wise.  These days I'm able to do sessions from anywhere; hotel rooms, the beach, my backyard. 
Technology is a handy tool.

Bashiri, we're going to be covering as
many Artists as we can, that you've
worked with over the years,
but given your spectacular
recording history and impressive
credentials, we're believing that
maybe this just might be impossible in
one week... hey, but we'll love trying!...
So, on that note,
in closing in this part 1 segment, tell us
about your years of working and touring
as a Band Member, with the great
Whitney Houston
, and what it
meant to You, when we lost her?
Bashiri Johnson:
Recording and Touring with
Whitney Houston
was one of the
highlights of my life.  I was extremely fortunate to have played percussion on some of her biggest hits like "You Give Good Love," "I'm Every Woman," "I Will Always Love You," as well as played behind her in her band for many years.  Being in the band gave me the incredible joy nite to nite, to see her, hear her, be touched by her greatness.  I saw and heard her do remarkable things vocally on a consistent basis.  She was truly loved, and is now deeply missed. 
I played on her last tour, and played at her funeral services. 
Dearest Whitney, we'll always love you.

Thank you Bashiri. We look forward
tomorrow in Part 2 of this 7 part
Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series, as we
travel with Bashiri, in words, on his tour
with Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson
The Immortal World Tour,
and so much more!
, is there any music commentary
you'd like to share with the OL viewers,
as we conclude this Interview 1 of 7
Bashiri Johnson:
Yes.  I would say, never settle, always be a seeker of truth, knowledge and excellence.

Thank you Bashiri.
We'll see you tomorrow!
And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!


Welcome Back, Bashiri. We're excited to
catch You in between your
Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson
The Immortal World Tour, this being
Part 2 of our 7 day Interview for OL's
Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series.
Thank you.
Bashiri Johnson:
Happy to be back with you.

Bashiri, for our OL Readers,
the entertainment concept of Cirque Du
Soleil, in itself, created by the Canadian
based Entertainment Company,
consists of a 'live' show
extravaganza, filled with music, dance,
drama, lots of colorful imagery
and circus arts?
Bashiri Johnson:
That is correct.  This Cirque MJ show is like a fan's dream show, only without the actual man, Michael.  But he is certainly in the house with us all during this show. There is so much going on during this show that just one viewing is not enough to take it all in.
As You are currently on tour for the
Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson
The Immortal World Tour,
the Jamie King Produced Show, that pays
tribute to the legacy of Michael Jackson,
his life and music...
, can You take us behind stage,
sound-check and all...
and give us a glimpse of what goes into
your own preparation as a Percussionist
for an extraordinary production like this?
Bashiri Johnson:
My preparation for the Cirque MJ show is varied.  I like to keep myself fit and in the right mindset first.  That entails lots of rest, exercise, diet and proper choices.  Stretching and keeping myself limber is important for me.  We usually do a couple shows per city, so the traveling is not as grueling.  Sound checks are late afternoon which gives us all plenty of time to individually check our gear and prep for the evening's performance.  This show is a well oiled machine right now, so things are flowing nicely.

With Cirque Du Soleil featuring all of the
wonderful Dancers and Musicians on the
mega hits of the great Michael Jackson...
from "Billie Jean," to "Beat It,"
what scene, or song would be one of
your favorites to perform your
magical percussions to?
Bashiri Johnson:
I especially like 'Black Or White' for rocking' out, and 'Man In The Mirror' for its message. 

Okay, so on any given night,
after the Michael Jackson Immortal
Concert is over... the audience is going
wild with excitement of just having
experienced the show of a lifetime...
what goes on inside of You, Bashiri,
at that very moment?
Bashiri Johnson:
I am just thankful.  Every nite at the conclusion of every show, I just give my personal and intimate thanks to the audience of that city, to Michael Jackson, and to God and the universe.  I am very grateful to be able to do what I love, and be appreciated for it.
Tell us about working with the Band?

Bashiri Johnson:
The Cirque MJ Band is a great band with 4 MJ veterans: myself, Jonathan Moffett, Don Boyette and Jon Myron Clark.  There is a certain group ethic of high quality and excellence that we all aspire to each and every performance.  Not just between us, but that feeling is shared by each musician and vocalist.  These performances for us are the real thing, as if Michael was on stage with us in person; and it sure feels like he is,  with this show.

For some of us mere mortals, who have
yet to see and experience
this electrifying
Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson
The Immortal World Tour, we would
highly suggest to our OL Readers,
to visit the Official Website:
for all press media about this amazing
Concert Event!
, with
Michael Jackson's
"Xscape" CD
being released
respectively, posthumously this year;
has this impacted even more record
breaking sales and artistic popularity
of the Show, if that's even possible?
Bashiri Johnson:
Yes it has.  We play some of the CD's tracks during Intermission, sell CD's at the merch tables, and promote the new album.  There is a full arena participatory dance that is done during the hit song 'Love Never Felt So Good' that is one of the highlights of the whole nite.  Not to be missed, and big fun for everyone in the audience, and really enjoyable to witness from stage.

In a long line of your credits, Bashiri,
which also includes Drum programming
work that You on Michael's
"In The Closet" CD Maxi Single in 1992?

Bashiri Johnson:
Wow, that was a while ago, and was a fun nite of remix programming on the drum machine with David Morales producing and programming as well.  I'm just happy to have been in the room.

As a natural born Percussionist,
yourself, how do You feel about digital
programming in general, when many
Artists seem to be taking that route in
today's recording world?
Bashiri Johnson:
I think digital programming has its place, and is a useful tool.  Just like TV, computers, video games, etc. are useful.  So are books, musical instruments, and sports useful.  I think we as humans today have to find that balance between the digital and analog.  That's why when drum machines were first introduced and being used in music, I embraced them, as opposed to rejecting them.  All things advance and evolve, so I'm not going to stay still or be fixed.  I try to stay open.  If an artist can make an emotional impact using digital tools, then that's great. Art can be expressed in many different ways.

Lastly, in this segment, Bashiri...
what would be the mainstay advice that
You can give to a Musician who wants to
embark on and have a successful
touring experience in the long-term?

Bashiri Johnson:
Keep it interesting, and remain interested.  There is so much that goes into a production. Try to learn about, and experience the entirety of what you're involved in, as best you can.  That will help with the monotony. And that will help you be more interesting as well.

Thank you Bashiri, for that advice for
those touring Musicians! We look forward
tomorrow in Part 3 of this 7 part
Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series,
doing one-take stories with You; from all
walks of musical life, on your recording
sessions ... from Al Jarreau,
to Michael Franks, Lenny Kravitz, Drake
& more!.
Thank you very much Bashiri, for coming
on as our Special Guest Artist.
, is there any music commentary
'd like to share with the OL viewers,
as we conclude this Interview 2 of 7
Bashiri Johnson:
Stay positive, and see you on the next segment.

Thank you Bashiri.
'll see you tomorrow!
And thank you all for visiting
's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!


Welcome once again, Bashiri. This being
Part 3 of our 7 day Interview for
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series!
What we would like to do in this segment, is to ask You, Bashiri,
about some of your
most noted collaborative, interesting
and classic recordings, with some of the
most world celebrated
Recording Artists...
Singers, Musicians and Rappers!
If You could give us a little
mini-story on each these recording
sessions, we'd love it!
Bashiri Johnson:
Sure thing.

Let's start off with your first major
Recording gig...
(1979-20th Century Fox Records)
"Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin' ":
Stephanie Mills

Bashiri Johnson:
Well, I didn't play on the title track, "Whatcha Gonna Do."  But I remember Mtume asking me to play with him on one of the other songs on the album, as I was still being mentored by him at the time.  It was a learning experience like no other for me, to be in the studio recording with your teacher.  Little did I know that album would be so successful for Stephanie Mills.  And little did I know Mtume would present me with one of my 1st Gold Records.  That Gold Record is on the wall of my studio, and is one of my most cherished.
(1994-Le Music Records)
"My Favorite Things":
Al Jarreau
& Kathleen Battle?
Bashiri Johnson:
That release was actually a 'live' recording we did, that Marcus Miller called me for.  It was sort of a live in-studio performance.  I remember Kathleen Battle being so beautiful, elegant and graceful. 
She and Al Jarreau complemented each other nicely, which made for a great recorded performance.  That was a wonderful 'mash-up', and maybe one of the early genre fusing firsts as well.
(2011-Roadrunner Records)
Lenny Kravitz
& Drake?
Bashiri Johnson:
Working with Lenny Kravitz was an interesting session.  He likes to get performances from you, then he'll use what he needs.  He's uber talented and can play most instruments himself.  Fortunately for me in this song's case, he used my Samba Whistle performance for this track.

(1995-Warner Bros. Records)
Michael Franks
Bashiri Johnson:
Michael Franks is a gentleman and a true kind soul.  I tried to bring sensitivity to his music.  I remember that record was my first time working together with
Don Alias
Don was one of my percussion heroes as well.  For that record, I was surely the young kid taking notes from the masters in the room.

(1989-Warner Bros. Records)
Miles Davis
Bashiri Johnson:
"Amandla" was an amazing experience for me.  Being musically directed by
Marcus Miller
, produced by
Tommy LiPuma
and Marcus,
and performing for Miles Davis can only be described as heaven. 
Playing together in the studio were myself, Don Alias and Omar Hakim.  That was rhythmic bliss for me.  I am so very honored to be a part of that record.  laAmand means power in Zulu
Amandle Awethu
is the South African version of the rallying cry
"Power To The People."

(2003-J Records)
"The Closer I Get To You":
Luther Vandross
& Beyonce Knowles?
Bashiri Johnson:
I miss our beloved Luther Vandross.  I had recorded for him on many occasions and this record was very special for me.  This record was a remake of the classic original recorded by Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack
I was being mentored by Mtume when he produced this track for the duo.  I have fond memories of listening to Mtume play the song for me and asking me what I thought.  I thought then, the same I think now, it's a hit.
 I love this version produced by
Nat Adderly Jr
. very much as well. 
And I'm grateful I got to play on it.
(2007-Nu Afro Records)
"African Garden":
Your own Composition...
Bashiri Johnson:
Aahh, "African Garden..."
 This is one of my wife Monifa's favorite tracks, and mine as well.  I wrote this song while I was producing a record for African Master Kora player,
Alhaji Papa Susso
.  This song developed from a kora riff into a full song concept.  I love the lush vocals by both American singer Colleen Fisher,
and African singer, Mai Lingani
The song is about peace, love,
culture and Mother African being the universal garden for us all. 
I'm glad you chose this track.

That a wonderful origin and inspiration for such a beautiul track, Bashiri.
We look forward tomorrow in Part 4 of
this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly
where we get to shine a
one-word spotlight on Percussion Artist
Great Bashiri Johnson's One-Word
Playback, for the OL Viewers..
Bashiri, is there any music commentary
you'd like to share with the OL viewers,
as we conclude this Interview 3 of 7
Bashiri Johnson:
Yes, I do believe that peace, love and culture is what binds us all, and make us all global citizens.

Thank you Bashiri.
We'll see you tomorrow!
And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!


Welcome again, Bashiri...
In between your tour takes; this being
Part 4 of our 7 day Interview for OL's
Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series.
We're at the segment Interview feature,
where we introduce a 'one word'
Interview question to You, Bashiri, and if
you can you please playback just a
One-word Commentary
Note for the OL Visitors,
that would rock!
Bashiri Johnson:

Bashiri Johnson

Bashiri Johnson

Bashiri Johnson

Bashiri Johnson:

Bashiri Johnson:

Rain Stick?
Bashiri Johnson:

Bashiri Johnson:

Bashiri Johnson:

Bashiri Johnson:
Thank you very much Bashiri, for coming
on as our Special Guest Artist.
Is there any music commentary you'd like
to share with the viewers, in concluding
this OL Interview 4 of 7 segment?
Bashiri Johnson:
"The Drum Is The Language."

Bashiri, we have to say, that you're the
best!... for giving us some of your time
for our OL Viewers, while on your
world tour. It's been really a special
week, for OL on our Oceanliner Notes
Weekly Series.
Thank you.
We look forward tomorrow in Part 5 of
this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly
as The Bashman Percussionist
Great Bashiri Johnson shares with us
more one-take recording session
stories... from
Thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!...


Welcome Back, Bashiri. This being Part 5
of our 7 day Interview for OL's
Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series.
On this segment...
more one-take Recording Sessions...
Okay, here we go!
(2004-Liberty EMI Records)
"Crazy Love":
Ray Charles
& Van Morrison 'live'?
Bashiri Johnson:
This record was a gift for me.  I had the bonus of this performance from The Songwriters Hall Of Fame event becoming a record. 
All thanks to the late great
Phil Ramone
.  This song was one of the songs we performed live in our set at the SHOF show.  I had no idea it would become a record. 
I am forever grateful to
Phil Ramone
, who I worked with frequently, and who I respected
and admired deeply.
(1997-Sire Records)
Bashiri Johnson:
Recording on Madonna's "Holiday" was a real career boost for me.  I love this record, and it was a huge hit for Madonna.  This was one of my early session recordings, that helped me to get more recognition and notoriety as a session player.  This record came out back in the day when people would read album liner notes, and want to work with the musicians and singers who where on the hit records.  I got many session calls because I was "that guy" on percussion.
(1990-Virgin Records)
"In The Light Of Day":
Steve Winwood
Bashiri Johnson:
I have so much love and respect for
Steve Winwood who is brave, fearless and a talented force of nature.  He released a record over 9 minutes long, in a day and age that railed against anything artistic and extended.  This track is an evolving musical journey, built on layer upon layer of performance emotion, all with the essence being Steve's voice and message.  Really a great track.
(2005-Hear Music Label)
"A Song For You":
Herbie Hancock
feat. Christina Aguilera?
Bashiri Johnson:
This record is one of my favorite tracks that I played on at my studio.  I really love this arrangement.  It was a real pleasure to offer my percussive ideas to the wonderful voice of Christina, and the incredible piano of Herbie.  This track is even on my playlist.

(2007-Latin Percussionists biz)
"Whatcha Livin For?":
Another of your Original Recordings,
Co-written with Elliott Randall,
from the DVD, "The Rhythmic
Construction of Dance, Pop, R&B and
Hip-Hop..." Tell us about this project?
Bashiri Johnson:
"Whatcha Livin For" is my question posed to the peoples of the world, asking what is important to them.  This track is meant to be a reminder about what it is that has meaning in our lives.  And, if we're not living for the things that have meaning, then what things are we living for ?
Bashiri, tell us about your
Recording projects for Children,
Produced on your own
LIFE IN RHYTHM MEDIA Record Label... ?
Bashiri Johnson:
Yes, my Record Label is called Life In Rhythm Media.  I have 3 Children's records out; Musical Multiplication, Musical Aesop, And The Musical Alphabet.  The Musical Alphabet has the new ABC Song on it, which I wrote to be a singable and danceable alternative to the traditional ABC Song we all grew up with.  Please check it out!  All these are available on iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby. I also have just co-released my first App for children called Musical ABC's, which is available in the iTunes App Store.  That project is a collaboration with my label and G-Men Productions.  All my Children's projects are more
Edu-tainment, in that I try not to speak 'down' to kids, but rather speak 'to' them.  Our children are our best hope.  So I try to offer to them the messages and lessons of peace, love and global unity through cultural appreciation.
We look forward tomorrow in Part 6 of
this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly
as we cover more of Bashiri
Johnson's spectacular credits and
performance in the Commercial, TV &
Film Media & more...
Bashiri, is there any music commentary
you'd like to share with the OL viewers,
as we conclude this Interview 5 of 7
Bashiri Johnson:
See you for part 6.

Thank you Bashiri.
We'll see you tomorrow!
And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!


Welcome once again, Bashiri. This being
Part 6 of our 7 day Interview for OL's
Oceanliner Notes Weekly Series,

Bashiri, let's go right into your
trademarked Company
RHYTHM HEALING... and all of
its dimensions of media Production?
Bashiri Johnson:
Rhythm Healing is a movement I created, using Rhythm as an instrument for healing, helping, entertaining and informing.  Rhythm Healing will offer workshops, seminars, applications, art, music, books, multi-media content and information; not just to young people, but to the global community.  The Rhythm Healing product line is constantly being tweaked and developed.  Stay tuned for product launches by signing up for my Newsletter, or hitting me up on my website to join.
Bashiri, we wanted to save this segment
especially for highlighting your
wonderful percussion and original works
on your brilliantly produced,
"Art 'N Rhythm" CD,
available on iTunes...
With beautiful mystical percussion
sounds of the the Africa Motherland,
and vocal chants gracing the tracks,
throughout. We love not only the
"African Garden" track...
we also love the "Forgiveness" and
"The Drum Is A Language" tracks.
The entire CD is truly a labor of love,
music and art. When You create
percussion sounds and songs, how does
the visual aspect of your creativity play
into recording your musical works
in general?
Bashiri Johnson:
Well, I usually see music cinematically.
 I don't just hear music, I experience it.
 I think that is why I've been able to close my eyes upon listening to a new track of music, and then know what to add to it percussively.  My career has not only been an exercise in my craft and technique, but also an exercise in spirit and emotion.  Sometimes I really don't know where a particular groove, sound or rhythm comes from, that I've created.  All I know is that they keep coming to me, and through me.  I just want to keep allowing myself to be tapped in and tuned in to the universe.  And of course, I wanna stay in rhythm.

What's your favorite track from your
"Art 'N Rhythm" CD, or are they all your
babies in their own special way?
Bashiri Johnson:
My favorite tracks on "Art 'N Rhythm" are "Stand Up On It" and
 "African Garden."
Tell us about the music workshops that
you're involved with from your
Production Company?
Bashiri Johnson:
Yes, I've always wanted to be able to share what knowledge and information I have gained over the years.  So whenever I can, I do percussion intensive workshops at my studio. I do lectures and master classes at schools, institutions and universities.  And I also do clinics and seminars.  Some of the most rewarding workshops I do are drumming classes for children, and for the blind.
You've also performed percussion
overdubs for Video games, Commercials,
and Television scores?
Bashiri Johnson:
That's right, I've performed on many, many commercials in the 80's & 90's.  Video games are always quite fun to be a part of.  One of my favorite games I've worked on is called 'From Dust'.  But when I worked on one of the Mario Bros games, that's when I was 'cool' to my kids. 
Bashiri, you've worked with so many
wonderful Artists, along the way.
Who else would You like to work with
down the road?

Bashiri Johnson:
I would love to work with Peter Gabriel,
Salif Keita
and Prince; they are a just few that come to mind.  However, I keep myself open to all possibilities and opportunities. I just would love to keep on playing good music.
We'd like to thank you, Bashiri.
We're having a great time with You,
this week!
We look forward tomorrow in Part 7 of
this 7 part Oceanliner Notes Weekly
as we find out about
Percussionist Producer Composer
Educator Clinician Great
Bashiri Johnson's
up & coming Production Projects...
Bashiri, is there any music commentary
you'd like to share with the OL viewers,
as we conclude this Interview 6 of 7
Bashiri Johnson:
I just would like to again remind everyone to join my Newsletter by visiting my website,
Thank you Bashiri.
We'll see you tomorrow!
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Thanks to You, our OL Viewers
have truly been given a great online
reading tour about your illustrious Career,
and all of the classic recordings and 'live'
performances, that are surely continuing
on, for You...
We wish You endless success!
In closing, in this being Part 7 of our 7
day Interview for
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly
Bashiri... as a young kid,
we know that You were a
natural born Percussion Artist and
Musician, even before
becoming a Student and Master of your
vast Percussion skills and craft, of
which You are held at the highest
esteem, [and rightly so], amongst your
Peers and Professionals in the entire
Music Industry.
For the child that hears your beautiful
musical sounds today, whether it would
be a song that you've recorded,
or performed with all of your magical
percussion instruments...& wants to be
just like You, Bashiri; what's the special
gift of words that You'd like to share with
this child?
Bashiri Johnson:
I believe that children will be, what they choose to be.  Everyone has a choice in all that they do.  So my message is more for the parents, elders, teachers, and mentors of children.  I believe we should expose children to the wonders of the world: art, music, sports, literature, travel, etc., etc.  Allow young people to see, hear, feel and experience all the world has to offer.  Inform, educate, uplift and show children the values of kindness, generosity, tolerance, compassion and responsibility.  I think that when children are brought up in this type of environment, they will make proper choices that will benefit not only them, but the whole planet.  Remember, being a great musician is just something that you do.  But being a great person is something that you are.
Bashiri, what up and coming projects
are You set to work on, after your
Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson
The Immortal World Tour?
Bashiri Johnson:
My upcoming projects are, another App release called 'Rhythm Room',
a new Bashiri Johnson Record
of all duo performances with some of the great artists I've been blessed to work with, a new Percussion Dance Record,
a new Percussion Sample Library. 
That's some of what I'll be working on in the months to come. Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted.  Thanks again so very much for the opportunity to connect with you and everyone out there. 
"Peace & Love & The Stars Above."
This OL Interview is for those out there
who love music in it's most natural form.
The Drum was the first musical
instrument created. Percussion Artist
Great Bashiri Johnson
, has himself
created a world of musical masterpieces
for many in the Music Industry and
himself. Bashiri personifies the ultimate
continuing legacy,
with his many talents that are always
performed and expressed in their
truest essence and ability.
We are sure that music lovers and fans
of Percussion Artist Bashiri Johnson,
everywhere, are thankful for that!
Thank you to...
Percussionist Producer Composer
Educator Clinician Great
...Bashiri Johnson...
And thank you all for visiting
OL's Oceanliner Notes Weekly!



Playlist samples: Percussionist Bashiri Johnson's
 Percussion tracks Performances
1. African Garden - Bashiri Johnson
 ("Art N Rhythm" CD)
 2. My Favorite Things - Al Jarreau/Kathleen Battle ("Tenderness" CD)
 3. Soul Steppin' - Will Downing - ("Soul Symphony" CD)
 4. He Lives In You - Diana Ross ("Every Day Is a New Day" CD)
 5. Hourglass - Michael Franks ("Abandoned Garden" CD)
 6. Amandla - Miles Davis ("Amandla" CD)
 7. Never Too Much - Luther Vandross ("Never Too Much" CD)
 8. Sunflower - Lenny Kravitz/Drake ("Black and White America: CD)
 9. Holiday - Madonna ("Madonna" CD)
 10. In The Light Of Day - Steve Winwood ("Refugees Of The Heart" CD)
 11. Let It Rain - Al Jarreau/Patti Austin/George Benson ("Givin' It Up" CD)
 12. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston ("Bodyguard" Soundtrack CD)
 13. Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour (sound bite promo)
 speaking Mitchell Head: Acrobatic Coach
 Producer: Jamie King
Special Guest Artist Online Interview Feature...
Original  OL Records Artist Interview: 8/10/14 - 8/16/14

Percussionist Bashiri Johnson on the Cirque de Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour
Art N Rhythm CD
Percussionist Bashiri Johnson &
Smooth Jazz Vocalist Legend
Michael Franks

Bashiri Johnson ...
on the
Whitney Houston
Legendary Tours

OL Quote Pick of the Guest Artist's Interview!

"Remember, being a great musician is just something that you do.
But being a great person is something that you are..."
.Bashiri Johnson